Kenya in Poverty's Crosshairs

Extremely poor countries of the world, Kenya being one of them, are today caught in the intricate web of seeking to provide, secure and offer informed guardianship to its Children, the Widows and the Aged. There is the Child but then there is the Vulnerable Child of Africa; there is the Widow of the globe and the disadvantaged Widow of the Universe; and then there is the global Aged lot who are markedly different from the aged lot among the poor, impoverished continent of Africa.

How The situation is?

It is projected that up to 2,000,000 children will be orphaned by HIV/AIDS by he year 2010 if the current trends are not arrested and reserved.

Carewell Vision and Goal

THE CAREWELL SOCIETY’s ultimate goal and vision is an enabled Kenyan society in which the Orphans, the Vulnerable Children and the disadvantaged Early Youth, Widows and the Aged are enabled to grow up and/or coexist with a sense of belonging, love, informed guardianship and equal opportunity for self-advancement.

THE CAREWELL SOCIETY’s mission is to create and oversee a structure of social organs through which informed care, service, support, industrial skill training and alternative guardianship can be provided to the Vulnerable Children, Orphans and the Early Youth, Widowed Women and the Aged lot of Kenya who are at a constant risk of getting hooked into abuse of illicit drugs.